The Silly Season

I am a victim of the silly season.

This time of year gets a little bit busy for most of us. Work tends to get a little busier, Christmas parties, eating out more than usual, a seemingly endless array of catch ups before the year is out.

Problem is when you combine that with your regular work load and training load, it occasionally all gets a little too much, you get run down and then if you are not careful….WHAM… You’re sick. Thats what happened to me and its not fun, getting a fever and some joint pain is not fun. I haven’t trained for a week and it is not fun.

Even horses get into the silly season

Even horses get into the silly season

What can you do about it? It pays to be strategic, make time for yourself and put some boundaries in place. It can be things such as, cooking for friends at home rather than heading out to a restaurant, being a designated driver to limit your alcohol consumption, or simply saying no to that extra invite.

It is such a fantastic time of year that none of us want to end up sick and stuck at home, so look after yourself, listen to your body and heed any warning signs that you are getting run down. Listening to your body is a good way to sense if you need any fine tuning coming into the summer holidays.

We will be open sporadically over the Christmas/New Year break but appointments will be limited.

Have a fantastic holiday season and enjoy the start of summer.

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