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Full Gas – Williamstown Dawn Photo: Jason South

Today I have been reflecting on how humans behave and how we interact with important material things in our lives like cars and bikes. I ride a bike a lot, for training and racing and as a consequence I also need to maintain my bike, because squeaks, creaks and vibrations make me feel like am working against the bike rather than with it, I feel slower because not all of my components are working in a harmonious manner. Plus, the Velominati insist we to adhere to the principle of silence (Rule #65// Maintain and respect your machine-The Velominati).

Our bodies are  very much the same. We push them to achieve our goals and then after they have been working hard they often need some assistance to silence the squeaks, creaks and fatigue that can make us feel slower, lethargic or less efficient than we know we should be.

The interesting thing here is that many people are religious about servicing their cars and bikes, however will let their bodies continue to suffer until it all becomes too much. If we take the time to strengthen and mobilise our  biomechanics, then we are less likely to get sore and that means more time strengthening and doing the things we love. Like riding our bike full gas.

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