Cause and Effect

Spring is here and its amazing how just a slight change in the environment makes such a massive different to the world at large. The increasing amount of daylight hours and general upwards trend in the temperature is already making a massive impact to my small but quite healthy looking garden. My chilli is starting to come back, our potted colour is vibrant and my capsicums are looking ready to go bananas over the warmer months.

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It’s not just gardens that enjoy a slight change. Our bodies are highly adaptive to new stress. In the right manner, a new stress will help us get fitter, stronger, be more alert or decrease our levels of pain. Our body is made to move and yet many of us spend large periods of time each and every day immobile at a desk,in a chair, static and stagnant.

Use spring as an opportunity to modify some of your daily routine. Spend some time each and every 30 minutes to get your body moving. Arch your upper back, rotate the trunk, swing the shoulders, and bend those ankles and knees. At lunch, roll up the sleeves and head outside for some vitamin D and fresh air. On your way to or from work target some incidental exercise by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, walk an extra stop to the train, or take that dog out for the walk you have been meaning to do for 3 days.

Our bodies are all about change. Do the same thing for too long and it gets used to it, it can manage the stress and we therefore don’t continue to grow. Moving bodies are happy bodies.

So get out there an make the most of the improving weather. You’ll feel better for it.


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