Winter is coming

The cold snap has really hit Melbourne over the last 24 hours. They do say if you dont like the weather just wait a couple of hours, and while there seems to be a constant dance of sun filled skies followed by threatening rain clouds there has been one constant over the last two days….. the cold. Yes winter has arrived and a couple of days early too, i might add.Osteopath Spotswood

With the cold weather it can be a time that we shirk those things that keep our bodies healthy and happy. It’s easier to skip a session in the gym, stay inside instead of taking the dog for a walk or sleep in and miss that morning run. It takes discipline and commitment to stay on track for your goals at this time of year, yet it doesn’t have to be all hard work. Consistency is the key to a long term positive health outcome, just keep the routine ticking over with a couple of things a week so that when the weather does start to improve you have a great solid base to work off and improve.

Winter is a great time to work on any underlying problems that you may have. A niggle here, a weakness there. It’s a time where you can really focus on building that solid base into which you can thrive and excel in the later part of the year.

If you have anything that is preventing or restricting your general health improvement we may be able to help you past that barrier and support you in your quest for a better self. Book online here or call on 93918925.
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Talking chronic pain – Sam’s on the Radio!

Our very talented and knowledgeable Samantha Bombos spoke to reporter Laura Kewley on SYN radio last night (1 Dec 2015) as par of a segment addressing chronic pain.

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Dr Samantha Bombos Osteopath

Sam is a wealth of knowledge and we are very happy that she is part of the team at Taylored Osteopathy. Her interest in chronic pain and management of complex clinical presentations spreads throughout the clinic and helps us deliver osteopathic treatments that are thorough and of the highest standard.

If you would like to listen to Samantha’s segment (Click Here) she comes on at about 5.20mins, however the whole 7min piece is very much worth a listen.

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